12.2. GNU Taler Demo Upgrade Checklist

Post-upgrade checks:

  • Run taler-deployment-arm -I to verify that all services are running.

  • Run the headless wallet to check that services are actually working:

    $ taler-wallet-cli integrationtest \
        -e https://exchange.demo.taler.net/ \
        -m https://backend.demo.taler.net/ \
        -b https://bank.demo.taler.net \
        -w "KUDOS:10" \
        -s "KUDOS:5"


  • Visit https://demo.taler.net/ to see if the landing page is displayed correctly
  • Visit the wallet installation page, install the wallet, and see if the presence indicator is updated correctly.
  • Visit https://bank.demo.taler.net/, register a new user and withdraw coins into the browser wallet.

Blog demo:

  • Visit https://shop.demo.taler.net/ and purchase an article.
  • Verify that the balance in the wallet was updated correctly.
  • Go back to https://shop.demo.taler.net/ and click on the same article link. Verify that the article is shown and no repeated payment is requested.
  • Open the fulfillment page from the previous step in an anonymous browsing session (without the wallet installed) and verify that it requests a payment again.
  • Delete cookies on https://shop.demo.taler.net/ and click on the same article again. Verify that the wallet detects that the article has already purchased and successfully redirects to the article without spending more money.

Donation demo:

  • Make a donation on https://donations.demo.taler.net
  • Make another donation with the same parameters and verify that the payment is requested again, instead of showing the previous fulfillment page.