Bibliografie von GNU Taler

Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments

PDF von David Chaum

The One-More-RSA-Inversion Problems and the Security of Chaum's Blind Signature Scheme

PDF von M. Bellare, C. Namprempre, D. Pointcheval und M. Semanko
Financial Cryptography '01

Enabling Secure Web Payments with GNU Taler

PDF von Jeff Burdges, Florian Dold, Christian Grothoff und Marcello Stanisci
SPACE 2016

Digital cash and privacy: What are the alternatives to Libra?

HTML von Christian Grothoff und Alex Pentland
MIT Media Lab, 2019

Refreshing Coins for Giving Change and Refunds in Chaum-style Anonymous Payment Systems

von Florian Dold, Sree Harsha Totakura, Benedikt Müller, Jeff Burdges und Christian Grothoff
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