12.20. DD20: Backoffice Tips Management

12.20.1. Summary

This document describe the complete list features for tips and reserve management and how will be shown.

12.20.2. Motivation

User will use the backoffice to manage reserve and authorize

12.20.3. Requirements

User should use the backoffice to:

  • creating new reserves
  • listing active reserves
  • authorize tips for a reserve
  • list all tips for an active reserve
  • check tips status

12.20.4. Proposed Solution

Listing reserves


Can be filtered with optional arguments:

  • after: if present will brings reserve created after specified date
  • active: if present will bring reserve active (or inactive), otherwise all
  • failures: if present will bring all reserves that have different initial balance reported by the exchange (or equal), otherwise all


  • initial: if the exchange and merchant-backend disagree in the initial balance (failure) the cell will be red and have a tooltip with more information
  • actions: delete button will be disabled on failure or committed > 0, new_tip button will be disabled on picked_up == initial or failure

Create new reserve



  • initial balance must be >0 and the current currency
  • exchange should be a known exchange of the merchant backend
  • wire method should be one of the current supported of the instance

If there is an error in the creation a Notification message will be shown

Authorize Tip

The merchant can authorize tips clicking in the plus (+) button that will bring the next popup


after confirm it will continue with a success page:


Details of reserve


Tips sorted from newer to older

When the reserve has not yet funded