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Interface BackupReserve


  • BackupReserve



Optional bank_info

bank_info: { confirm_url?: string; exchange_payto_uri: string; status_url: string; timestamp_bank_confirmed: undefined | Timestamp; timestamp_reserve_info_posted: undefined | Timestamp }

Extra state for when this is a withdrawal involving a Taler-integrated bank.

Type declaration

  • Optional confirm_url?: string

    URL that the user should be instructed to navigate to in order to confirm the transfer (or show instructions/help on how to do that at a PoS terminal).

  • exchange_payto_uri: string

    Exchange payto URI that the bank will use to fund the reserve.

  • status_url: string

    Status URL that the wallet will use to query the status of the Taler withdrawal operation on the bank's side.

  • timestamp_bank_confirmed: undefined | Timestamp

    Time when the reserve was confirmed by the bank.

    Set to undefined if not confirmed yet.

  • timestamp_reserve_info_posted: undefined | Timestamp

    Time when the information about this reserve was posted to the bank.

Optional defective

defective: boolean

Optional defective_clock

defective_clock: ClockStamp


initial_selected_denoms: BackupDenomSel

Denominations selected for the initial withdrawal. Stored here to show costs before withdrawal has begun.


initial_withdrawal_group_id: string

Pre-allocated withdrawal group ID that will be used for the first withdrawal.

(Already created so it can be referenced in the transactions list before it really exists, as there'll be an entry for the withdrawal even before the withdrawal group really has been created).


instructed_amount: string

Amount that was sent by the user to fund the reserve.


reserve_priv: string

The reserve private key.

Optional sender_wire

sender_wire: string

Wire information (as payto URI) for the bank account that transfered funds for this reserve.

Optional timestamp_closed

timestamp_closed: Timestamp

Timestamp of when the reserve closed.

Note that the last activity can be after the closing time due to recouping.


timestamp_created: Timestamp

Time when the reserve was created.


timestamp_last_activity: Timestamp

Timestamp of the last observed activity.

Used to compute when to give up querying the exchange.


withdrawal_groups: BackupWithdrawalGroup[]

Groups of withdrawal operations for this reserve. Typically just one.

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