GNU Taler: Team

GNU Taler is proudly brought to you by the humans on this page. To contact the whole team, please write to

Dr. Christian Grothoff

Christian Grothoff

GNU maintainer. Network security & privacy researcher. Software architect.

Leon Schumacher

Leon Schumacher

Entrepreneur, Investor, Fortune 100 CIO, IT company director in different industries, ….

Dr. Jeffrey Burdges

Jeffrey Burdges

Applied cryptography. Contact to W3c & Tor.

Dr. Cristina Onete

Cristina Onete

Theoretical foundations.

Dr. Richard M. Stallman

Richard Stallman

Founder of the GNU project. Ethical guidance and licensing.

Sree Harsha Totakura

Sree Harsha Totakura

PhD Student, TU Munich. Currently teaching.

Florian Dold

Florian Dold

PhD Student, Inria..

Marcello Stanisci

Marcello Stanisci

Software engineer.

Dr. Nana Karlstetter

Nana Karlstetter

Sustainable business development.

Benedikt Müller

Software engineer. Works on libebics.

Martín Olivera

Translator (Spanish)

Patricia Sunshine

Translator (Spanish)


Translator (Spanish)

Greta Breveglieri

Translator (Italian)

Ylenia Baldanza

Translator (Italian)

Valeria Salerno

Translator (Italian)

Stefan Kügel

Translator (German)

Jan Suhr

Hardware security module

Hartmut Goebel

Risk management

Julian Kirsch

PhD student, TU Munich. Currently teaching.

Oliver Broome

Software engineer. Works on Android wallet.