12.4. Nexus API

12.4.1. HTTP API

Users Management

Users are the entity that access accounts. They do not necessarily correspond to the actual legal owner of an account. Their main purpose in the nexus is access management.

GET <nexus>/users

List users.

Required permission: Administrator.

POST <nexus>/users

Create a new user.

Required permission: Administrators.

Bank Account Management

GET <nexus>/bank-accounts

List bank accouts managed by nexus.

POST <nexus>/bank-accounts

List bank accouts managed by nexus.

GET <nexus>/bank-accounts/{acctid}/history
Query Parameters
  • method – Method to query the bank transaction (cached, ebics, fints, …)

Query the transaction history of an account via the specified method.

GET <nexus>/bank-accounts/{acctid}/payments

List payments made with this bank account via nexus.

POST <nexus>/bank-accounts/{acctid}/payments

Initiate a payment.

Low-level EBICS API

POST <nexus>/ebics/subscribers

Create a new subscriber. Create keys for the subscriber that will be used in later operations.

interface NexusEbicsCreateSubscriber {
  ebicsUrl: string;
  hostID: string;
  partnerID: string;
  userID: string;
  systemID: string?
GET <nexus>/ebics/subscribers

List EBICS subscribers managed by nexus.

GET <nexus>/ebics/subscribers/{id}

Get details about an EBICS subscriber.

GET <nexus>/ebics/subscriber/{id}/keyletter

Get a nicely formatted key letter. (Does not return JSON, but markdown-formatted text)

POST <nexus>/ebics/subscriber/{id}/sendIni

Send INI message to the EBICS host.

POST <nexus>/ebics/subscriber/{id}/sendHia

Send HIA message to the EBICS host.

GET <nexus>/ebics/subscriber/{id}/sendHtd

Send HTD message to the EBICS host.

POST <nexus>/ebics/subscriber/{id}/sync

Synchronize with the EBICS server. Sends the HPB message and updates the bank’s keys.

POST <nexus>/ebics/subscriber/{id}/sendEbicsOrder

Sends an arbitrary bank-technical EBICS order. Can be an upload order or a download order.

interface NexusEbicsSendOrderRequest {
  // Bank-technical order type, such as C54 (query transactions)
  // or CCC (initiate payment)
  orderType: string;

  // Generic order parameters, such as a date range for querying
  // an account's transaction history.
  orderParams: OrderParams

  // Body (XML, MT940 or whatever the bank server wants)
  // of the order type, if it is an upload order
  orderMessage: string;
POST <nexus>/ebics/subscriber/{id}/ebicsOrders


This one should be implemented last and specified better!

Return a list of previously sent ebics messages together with their status. This allows retrying sending a message, if there was a crash during sending the message.