15.4. Sandbox API

15.4.1. HTTP API

POST /admin/payments/camt

Return the history of one IBAN in Camt.053 format.


interface CamtParams {

  // label of the bank account being queried.
  bankaccount: string;

  // The Camt type to return.  Only '53' is allowed
  // at this moment.
  type: number;


The expected Camt.053 document.

POST /admin/payments

Adds a new payment to the book. Mainly used for testing purposes.


One object of type SandboxPayment

interface SandboxPayment {

  // IBAN that will receive the payment.
  creditorIban: string;
  // FIXME
  creditorBic: string;
  // FIXME
  creditorName: string;

  // IBAN that will send the payment.
  debitorIban: string;
  // FIXME
  debitorBic: string;
  // FIXME
  debitorName: string;

  amount: string;
  currency: string;

  // subject of the payment.
  subject: string;

  // Whether the payment is credit or debit *for* the
  // account being managed *by* the running sandbox.
  // Can take the values: "CRDT" or "DBIT".
  direction: string;
POST /admin/ebics/hosts

Creates a new Ebics host.


interface EbicsHostRequest {

  // Ebics version.
  hostID: string;

  // Name of the host.
  ebicsVersion: string;
GET /admin/ebics/hosts

Shows the list of all the hosts in the system.


interface EbicsHostResponse {

  // shows the host IDs that are active in the system.
  // The Ebics version *is* missing, but it's still available
  // via the HEV message.
  ebicsHosts: string[];
POST /admin/ebics/hosts/$hostID/rotate-keys

Overwrite the bank’s Ebics keys with random ones. This is entirely meant for tests (as the Sandbox itself is) and no backup will be produced along this operation.

POST /admin/ebics/subscribers

Creates a new Ebics subscriber.


interface SubscriberRequest {

  // hostID
  hostID: string;

  // userID
  userID: string;

  // partnerID
  partnerID: string;

  // systemID
  systemID: string;

GET /admin/ebics/subscribers

Shows the list of all the subscribers in the system.


interface SubscribersResponse {

  subscribers: Subscriber[]
interface Subscriber {

  // userID
  userID: string;

  // partnerID
  partnerID: string;

  // hostID
  hostID: string;

POST /admin/ebics/bank-accounts

Associates a new bank account to an existing subscriber.


interface BankAccountRequest {

  // Ebics subscriber
  subscriber: string;

  // IBAN
  iban: string;

  // BIC
  bic: string;

  // human name
  name: string;

  // bank account label
  label: string;

POST /ebicsweb

Serves all the Ebics requests.