14.12. Deploying Taler with libEufin

This guide shows the steps to set up libEufin as the bank for Taler. At this stage, only three constant bank accounts are allowed, and the withdrawal can be triggered via the command line interface.

This document is more a set of notes for internal use than a actual document for system administrators.

14.12.1. Deployment on Gv

After having pulled the latest code of deployment.git:

# The step below destroys data!
$ rm -fr ~/taler-data/*
# For the step below, the environment must be called 'int'.
$ taler-deployment bootstrap
$ taler-deployment build
# The step below destroys data!
$ taler-deployment-prepare-with-eufin resetDb
$ taler-deployment-restart-with-eufin

At this point, the file ~/libeufin_admin_password should exist and contain the password for the ‘admin’ user of the Sandbox. This user is also the one that can withdraw with Taler.

14.12.2. Withdraw with Taler

$ http --auth admin:$password $hostname/eufin/sandbox/taler

The previous step should have returned a taler://-URI that can be passed to the wallet:

$ taler-wallet-cli handle-uri $taler_uri