15.14. Deploying Taler with libEufin

This document shows how to compile and run all the Taler services (including libEuFin).

15.14.1. Deployment on Gv

After having pulled the latest code of deployment.git:

$ python3 deployment/bin/WIP/taler-local bootstrap
$ python3 deployment/bin/WIP/taler-local build
$ python3 deployment/bin/WIP/taler-local prepare

The last step offers also a way to specify the database name – only the PostgreSQL at this time – and the hostname of the reverse proxy. See --help for more information.

At this point, the services can be launched, and will be served at $hostname/$service. The following command will launch all the services and show what $service can be:

$ python3 deployment/bin/WIP/taler-local launch


In this context, one reverse proxy gets launched along all the Taler services and will dispatch any request to $service to the respective Unix domain socket.

15.14.2. Withdraw with Taler

The following command withdraws a fixed amount of 5 units of currency to the CLI wallet:

$ python3 deployment/bin/WIP/taler-local withdraw

The requests will be addressed to the default Sandbox, unless --bank-host (and --bank-proto) were given; see --help for more information.


To test phone wallets, the option --with-qr-code can be specified. That will print a QR code on screen, and wait for the user’s input before confirming the payment to the Exchange.

15.14.3. Taler Internal deployment

One deployment is currently hosted at int.taler.net.


$ python3 deployment/bin/WIP/taler-local withdraw --bank-host int.taler.net --bank-proto https