Release Process and Checklists

This document describes the process for releasing a new version of the various Taler components to the official GNU mirrors.

The following components are published on the GNU mirrors

  • taler-exchange (exchange.git)
  • taler-merchant (merchant.git)
  • talerfrontends (merchant-frontends.git)
  • taler-bank (bank.git)
  • taler-wallet-webex (wallet-webex.git)


Tag releases with an annotated commit, like

git tag -a v0.1.0 -m "Official release v0.1.0"
git push origin v0.1.0

Database for tests

For tests in the exchange and merchant to run, make sure that a database talertest is accessible by $USER. Otherwise tests involving the database logic are skipped.

Exchange, merchant

Set the version in The commit being tagged should be the change of the version.

For the exchange test cases to pass, make install must be run first. Without it, test cases will fail because plugins can’t be located.

./configure # add required options for your system
make dist
tar -xf taler-$COMPONENT-$VERSION.tar.gz
make install check

Wallet WebExtension

The version of the wallet is in manifest.json. The version_name should be adjusted, and version should be increased independently on every upload to the WebStore.

make dist

FIXME: selenium test cases

Upload to GNU mirrors


Directive file:

version: 1.2
directory: taler
filename: taler-exchange-0.1.0.tar.gz

Upload the files in binary mode to the ftp servers.