GNU Taler Versions

This text describes how we assign version numbers for Taler software. This is about the version numbers of package releases, not of the libraries. For Taler libraries, we use libtool semantic versioning conventions.

Taler software release version numbers use the scheme MAJOR.MINOR-PACKAGE.

Here, MAJOR is used to indicate the compatibility level and is increased for all significant releases that are always made across all Taler components.

The MINOR numbers is used for small updates that may address minor issues but do not break compatibility. MINOR release may be made only for a particular component, leaving other components untouched. Hence you should expect to see say an exchange version 4.5 and a wallet version 4.10. As they both start with “4”, they are expected to be protocol-compatible.

PACKAGE is reserved for distributions, such as Debian. These distributions may apply their own patch sets or scripting, and they are expected to increment PACKAGE. The upstream Taler releases will just be of the format MAJOR.MINOR.

Alpha and Beta releases

Before Taler is considered reasonably stable for actual use, we will prefix the number “0.” to the release version. Thus, all alpha and beta releases will have a three-digit release number of the form “0.MAJOR.MINOR”.


A roadmap with the features we plan to have in each release is in our bugtracker at The roadmap is subject to change.