13.25. DD 25: Withdraw coins manually starting from the wallet

13.25.1. Summary

This document presents the design discussion about the manual withdraw screens

13.25.2. Motivation

To have a way to initiate a withdrawal process and complete with a bank that is not aware of GNU Taler

13.25.3. Proposed Solution Access to the feature

Adding a withdraw button in the main balance page to initiate the process.

This feature can be use in the Pay call-to-action when there is not enough coins. Start

This screen the user will be able to select the currency from a list of known currencies, switch the exchange, go to a page to add an exchange and define an amount to be withdraw.

../_images/wallet-start-manual-withdraw.svg Success

Here the user will see the account details where it needs to send money to complete the withdrawal.

../_images/wallet-confirm-withdraw.svg Transaction history

The account information should be added into the Withdrawal Transaction detail screen if the withdrawal is still pending. This will also affect the use case when the user started the transaction from a taler-aware bank (in which case the user doesn’t need to do an extra step to complete the process) so the text should be consistent in both scenarios.

13.25.4. Alternatives

  • removing the amount field, the exchange will send coins equal to the amount it received

  • showing the fees, can we calculate the withdrawal fee?

  • should we show the terms of service?

  • exchange field first has been discussed, but the exchange list its only showing the current currency exchanges, the user need to switch the currency first. Adding a new exchange should be done in a different context that can be accessed using the add exchange link