14.39. taler-merchant-benchmark(1)

14.39.1. Name

taler-merchant-benchmark - generate Taler-style benchmarking payments

14.39.2. Synopsis

taler-merchant-benchmark [subcommand] [options]

14.39.3. Description

taler-merchant-benchmark is a command-line tool to populate your merchant database with payments for benchmarking.

14.39.4. Subcommands


Generate normal payments: all the payments are performed (by the default instance) and aggregated by the exchange. Takes the following options.

-p PN | –payments-number=PN
Perform PN many payments, defaults to 1.
-t TN | –tracks-number=TN
Perform TN many tracking operations, defaults to 1.

Drive the generator to create unusual situations, like for example leaving payments unaggregated, or using a non-default merchant instance. Takes the following options.

-t TC | –two-coins=TC
Perform TC many payments that use two coins (normally, all the payments use only one coin). TC defaults to 1.
-u UN | –unaggregated-number=UN
Generate UN payments that will be left unaggregated. Note that subsequent invocations of the generator may pick those unaggregated payments and actually aggregated them.

14.39.5. Common Options

-a APIKEY | –apikey=APIKEY
HTTP ‘Authorization’ header to send to the merchant.
Use the configuration and other resources for the merchant to operate from FILENAME.
-e SECTION | –exchange-account=SECTION
Mandatory. Configuration SECTION specifying the exchange account to use.
-h | –help
Print short help on options.
Specifies the log level to use. Accepted values are: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR.
Send logging output to FILENAME.
-v | –version
Print version information.

14.39.6. See Also

taler-merchant-dbinit(1), taler-merchant-tip-enable(1), taler.conf(5)

14.39.7. Bugs

Report bugs by using https://bugs.taler.net/ or by sending electronic mail to <taler@gnu.org>.