13.22. DD 22: Wallet Proofs to Auditor


Status (2021-05-25): Writing in progress.

13.22.1. Summary

This design document defines the structure and contents of proofs of misbehavior that the wallet sends to auditors.

13.22.2. Motivation

There are some situations where the wallet learns that some entity did something against the protocol specification. When the wallet has cryptographic proof for this, this proof should be stored in the database and eventually be exportable to auditors, courts, etc.

13.22.3. Requirements

  • Users should be able to review all the information that a misbehavior proof would reveal.

13.22.4. Proposed Solution Types of Misbehavior

This section collects all types of misbehavior for which the wallet can export cryptographic proof.

  • exchange-denomination-spec-inconsistent

    An exchange has announced a denomination with the same denomination public key, but different metadata (value, expiration)

  • exchange-denomination-gone

    The exchange is not accepting/listing a denomination anymore that it previously listed.

13.22.5. Discussion / Q&A

  • What about complaints to the auditor that do not contain cryptographic proof? (e.g. “exchange XYZ has not been responding for the last 14 days”)