15.42. taler-exchange-wire-gateway-client(1)

15.42.1. Name

taler-exchange-wire-gateway-client - trigger a transfer at the bank (or obtain transaction history)

15.42.2. Synopsis

taler-exchange-wire-gateway-client [-a VALUE | –amount=VALUE] [-b URL | –bank=URL] [-C ACCOUNT | –credit=ACCOUNT] [-c FILENAME | –config=FILENAME] [-D ACCOUNT | –debit=ACCOUNT] [-h | –help] [-i | –credit-history] [-L LOGLEVEL | –loglevel=LOGLEVEL] [-l FILENAME | –logfile=FILENAME] [-o | –debit-history] [-p PASSPHRASE | –pass=PASSPHRASE] [-S STRING | –subject=STRING] [-s ACCOUNT-SECTION | –section=ACCOUNT-SECTION] [-u USERNAME | –user=USERNAME] [-v | –version] [-w ROW | –since-when=ROW]

15.42.3. Description

taler-exchange-wire-gateway-client is a command-line tool to trigger bank transfers or inspect wire transfers for exchange accounts using the wire API. The tool is expected to be used during testing or for diagnostics.

You can do one of the following four operations during one invocation.

  1. Execute wire transfer from the exchange to consumer account (-C).

  2. Execute wire transfer from consumer account to the exchange (-D).

  3. Inspect credit history of the exchange (-i).

  4. Inspect debit history of the exchange (-o).

Doing more than one of these at a time will result in an error. Note, however, that the -C and -D options also can be used to act as filters on transaction history operations.

15.42.4. Options

-a VALUE | –amount=VALUE

Amount to transfer. Given in the Taler-typical format of CURRENCY:VALUE.FRACTION.

-b URL | –bank=URL

URL at which the bank is operation. Conflicts with -s.


When doing a wire transfer from the exchange, the money should be credited to ACCOUNT. Specifies the payto:// URI of the account. Can also be used as a filter by credit account when looking at transaction histories.


Use the given configuration file.


When doing a wire transfer to the exchange, the ACCOUNT is to be debited. Specifies the payto:// URI of the account. Can also be used as a filter by debit account when looking at transaction histories.

-h | –help

Print short help on options.

-i | –credit-history

Obtain credit history of the exchange. Conflicts with -o.


Specifies the log level to use. Accepted values are: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR.


Send logging output to FILENAME.

-o | –debit-history

Obtain debit history of the exchange. Conflicts with -i.


Specifies the pass phrase for authentication. Conflicts with -s.


Use SUBJECT for the wire transfer subject. Must be a reserve public key for credit operations and a wire transfer identifier for debit operations. If not specified, a random value will be generated instead.


Obtain exchange account information from the ACCOUNT-SECTION of the configuration. The argument must be a [exchange-accountcredentials-$NAME] section name and thus start with the exchange-accountcredentials- prefix. Conflicts with -u, -p and -b. Note that either -b or -s must be specified.


Specifies the username for authentication. Optional and conflicts with -s. If neither -u nor -s are used, we will attempt to talk to the bank without authentication.

-v | –version

Print version information.

-w ROW | –since-when=ROW

Specifies a ROW from which the history should be obtained. If not given, the 10 youngest transactions are returned.

15.42.5. See Also

taler.conf(5), https://docs.taler.net/core/api-wire.html#wire-transfer-test-apis

15.42.6. Bugs

Report bugs by using https://bugs.taler.net/ or by sending electronic mail to <taler@gnu.org>