15.1. challenger-admin(1)

15.1.1. Name

challenger-admin - manipulate clients registered in Challenger database

15.1.2. Synopsis

challenger-admin [-a CLIENT_SECRET | –add=CLIENT_SECRET] [-c FILENAME | –config=FILENAME] [-d | –delete] [-h | –help] [-L LOGLEVEL | –log=LOGLEVEL] [-l FILENAME | –logfile=FILENAME] [-q | –quiet] [-v | –version] CLIENT_URL

15.1.3. Description

challenger-admin is a command-line tool to add or delete clients from the Challenger database.

Its options are as follows:


Add the client with the given CLIENT_URL setting the client secret to *SECRET. Prints the CLIENT_ID of the added client.


Use the configuration and other resources for the Challenger commands to operate from FILENAME.

-d | –delete

Delete the client with the given CLIENT_URL.

-h | –help

Print short help on options.


Configure logging to use LOGLEVEL.


Configure logging to write logs to FILENAME.

-q | –-quiet

Be less verbose in the output. Useful in shell scripts.

-v | –-version

Print version information.

15.1.4. See Also

challenger-config(1), challenger-httpd(1), challenger.conf(5).

15.1.5. Bugs

Report bugs by using https://bugs.taler.net or by sending electronic mail to <taler@gnu.org>.