13.17. DD 17: Backoffice Inventory Management

13.17.1. Summary

This document describe the complete list features for inventory management and how will be shown.

13.17.2. Motivation

User will use the backoffice to manage their inventory, prices and update stock.

13.17.3. Requirements

Access all information provided from the Merchant Backend API in a understandable and accessible way

User should use the backoffice to manage inventory by:

  • creating new products

  • updating the products information

  • inspecting inventory list

  • deleting products from the inventory list

13.17.4. Proposed Solution Inspecting inventory


Listing the product will shown this columns:

  • image

  • description

  • sell price

  • stock left (with next_restock in days if present)

  • stock sold

Actions will be

  • modify

  • delete: with a confirm popup, it may fail if have some locked Create and Update Product form


Update product will use the same form except for the product_id

  • product_id: BACKOFFICE_URL + id

  • description: split in two fields, concatenated with a line separator

    • name: required, one line

    • extra: optional, free text area

  • description localized: list with

    • lang: dropdown list with supported lang + custom

    • description: text area

  • unit: string

  • price: amount

  • image: image box that allows upload when clicked

  • taxes: list with

    • name: string

    • value: amount

  • Stock: button that opens more fields for stock control

    • stock remaining: number

    • address: first collapsed, then field for Location

    • next_restock: date

    • cancel: button to set the stock to infinity, closing the section Stock management

  • manage stock button will open the dialog below

  • without stock will close the dialog and set stock props to not defined

  • unknown button will set next restock value to undefined

  • never button will set next restock to never

  • when updating the product, the option without stock will no be available if the product already has stock

  • if the product already exist then:

    • the option without stock will no be available, since the product cannot change from infinite stock to managed stock

    • the option manage stock will no be available, since the product cannot change from managed stock to infinite stock

    • current stock will be managed using incoming and notify lost

    • a label at the end of the section will inform about the final result


13.17.5. Alternatives

  • price and stock columns in the list can be merged into a more complex column with the same information

  • rows in the table can be expandable when clicked to get access to some common actions like increase stock or change price

  • detail page was intentionally left out since all information can be access from the update page

13.17.6. Q&A

  • can we add the quantity locked in the product description? so we can add it to the inventory list to reflect the current activity.

  • can we allow add extra data like order has in contractTerm?, this could be useful for frontend apps. example of usage: country/state to where the product is sold since taxes may vary