15.62. taler-unified-setup.sh(1)

15.62.1. Name

taler-unified-setup.sh - conveniently launch GNU Taler services

15.62.2. Synopsis

taler-unified-setup [-a] [-b] [-c CONFIG_FILENAME] [-d METHOD] [-e] [-f] [-h] [-k] [-l FILENAME] [-m] [-n] [-r MEX] [-s] [-t] [-u SECTION] [-v] [-w]

15.62.3. Description

taler-unified-setup is a command-line tool to launch and stop GNU Taler services in bulk. It is usually used in test cases or for development. For production, services should be launched via systemd and not via this tool.


Start auditor


Start backup/sync service


(Mandatory) Use CONFIG_FILENAME.


use the given wire method. Default is ‘x-taler-bank’.


Start exchange


Start fakebank


Start aggregator

-h | –help

Prints a compiled-in help text.


Start challenger (KYC service)


Specifies the log level to use. Accepted values are: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR.


Start merchant


Start libeufin nexus

-r MEX

Which exchange to use at the merchant


Start libeufin sandbox


Start taler-exchange-transfer


Specifies configuration section with the exchange account to use


Use valgrind


Start taler-exchange-wirewatch

15.62.4. See Also

taler-exchange-dbinit(1), taler-exchange-offline(1), taler-merchant-benchmark(1), taler-exchange-httpd(1), taler.conf(5)

15.62.5. Bugs

Report bugs by using https://bugs.taler.net/ or by sending electronic mail to <taler@gnu.org>.