15.14. sync-httpd(1)

15.14.1. Name

sync-httpd - provide the Sync HTTP interface

15.14.2. Synopsis

sync-httpd [-A USERNAME:PASSWORD | –auth=USERNAME:PASSWORD] [-C | –connection-close] [-c FILENAME | –config=FILENAME] [-h | –help] [-k KEYFILE | –key=KEYFILE] [-L LOGLEVEL | –log=LOGLEVEL] [-l FILENAME | –logfile=FILENAME] [-p KEYFILEPASSPHRASE | –pass=KEYFILEPASSPHRASE] [-t CERTTYPE | –type=CERTTYPE] [-v | –version]

15.14.3. Description

sync-httpd is a command-line tool to provide the Sync HTTP interface.

Its options are as follows:


Use the given USERNAME and PASSWORD for client authentication.

-C | –connection-close

Force HTTP connections to be closed after each request.


Use the configuration and other resources for the Sync commands to operate from FILENAME.

-h | –help

Print short help on options.


Consult KEYFILE for the private TLS key for TLS client authentication.


Configure logging to use LOGLEVEL.


Configure logging to write logs to FILENAME.


Use KEYFILEPASSPHRASE to decrypt the TLS client private key file.


Use CERTTYPE as the type of the TLS client certificate. If unspecified, defaults to PEM.

-v | –version

Print version information.

15.14.4. See Also

sync-config(1), sync-dbinit(1), sync.conf(5).

15.14.5. Bugs

Report bugs by using https://bugs.taler.net or by sending electronic mail to <taler@gnu.org>.