17.32. taler-merchant-httpd(1)

17.32.1. Name

taler-merchant-httpd - Run Taler merchant backend (with RESTful API)

17.32.2. Synopsis

taler-merchant-httpd [-C | –connection-close] [-c FILENAME | –config=FILENAME] [-h | –help] [-L LOGLEVEL | –loglevel=LOGLEVEL] [-l FILENAME | –logfile=FILENAME] [-T USEC | –timetravelUSEC] [-v | –version]

17.32.3. Description

taler-merchant-httpd is a command-line tool to run the Taler merchant (HTTP backend). The required configuration and database must exist before running this command.

17.32.4. Options

-a TOKEN | –auth=TOKEN
Use TOKEN for initial access control to the merchant backend. The value given in TOKEN must appear in backoffice requests to the default instance of the merchant, i.e. “Authorization: Bearer secret-token:TOKEN” to obtain access to the merchant backend. Note that setting a passphrase for the default instance by any means will block future access via TOKEN. This is basically a way to reset the passphrase protecting access. TOKEN should be a “pchar” as per RFC 8959, but this is NOT checked. Note that TOKEN will only grant access to the ‘default’ instance, not other instances. Instead of using the command-line, which exposes TOKEN to users on the system, you may want to consider setting the TALER_MERCHANT_TOKEN environment variable instead.
-C | –connection-close
Force each HTTP connection to be closed after each request (useful in combination with -f to avoid having to wait for nc to time out).
Use the configuration and other resources for the merchant to operate from FILENAME.
-h | –help
Print short help on options.
Specifies the log level to use. Accepted values are: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR.
Send logging output to FILENAME.
-T USEC | –timetravel=USEC
Modify the system time by USEC microseconds. USEC may be prefixed with + or - (e.g. -T +300). This option is intended for debugging/testing only.
-v | –version
Print version information.

17.32.5. Signals

Sending a SIGTERM to the process will cause it to shutdown cleanly.

17.32.6. Environment Variables

Like the “-a” option, resets the access token for the default instance to the given value.

17.32.7. See Also

taler-merchant-dbinit(1), taler-merchant-tip-enable(1), taler.conf(5)

17.32.8. Bugs

Report bugs by using Mantis https://bugs.taler.net/ or by sending electronic mail to <taler@gnu.org>