15.63. taler-wallet-cli(1)

15.63.1. Name

taler-wallet-cli - interact with taler-wallet

15.63.2. Synopsis

taler-auditor [-h | –help] [-V | –version] [–verbose] <command> [<args>]

15.63.3. Description

taler-wallet-cli is a command-line tool to be used by developers for testing.

-h | –help

Print short help on options.

-V | –version

Output the version number.


Enable verbose output.

test-withdraw [-e URL | –exchange URL] [-a AMOUNT | –amount AMOUNT][-b URL | –bank URL]

withdraw test currency from the test bank


show wallet balance


show wallet history

test-merchant-qrcode [-a AMOUNT | –amount AMOUNT][-s SUMMARY | –summary SUMMARY]

withdraw-uri URI

refund-uri URI

pay-uri [-y | –yes] URI

integrationtest [-e URL | –exchange URL][-m URL | –merchant URL][-k APIKEY | –merchant-api-key APIKEY][-b URL | –bank URL][-w AMOUNT | –withdraw-amount AMOUNT][-s AMOUNT | –spend-amount AMOUNT]

Run integration test with bank, exchange and merchant.

15.63.4. Bugs

Report bugs by using https://bugs.taler.net or by sending electronic mail to <taler@gnu.org>.