17.7. taler-config(1)

17.7.1. Name

taler-config - configure GNU Taler configuration files

17.7.2. Synopsis

taler-config [-b backend | ––supported-backend=backend] [-c filename | ––config=filename] [-f | ––filename] [-h | ––help] [-L loglevel | ––loglevel=loglevel] [-l filename | ––logfile=filename] [-o option | ––option=option] [-S | ––list-sections] [-s section | ––section=section] [-V value | ––value=value] [-v | ––version] [-W | ––rewrite]

17.7.3. Description

taler-config can be used to read or modify GNU Taler configuration files.

-b BACKEND | ––supported-backend=BACKEND
Tests whether the specified BACKEND is supported by the current installation. The backend must match the name of a plugin, i.e. “namestore_postgres” for the Postgres database backend of the “NAMESTORE” service. If BACKEND is supported, taler-config will return a status code of 0 (success), otherwise 77 (unsupported). When this option is specified, no other options may be specified. Specifying this option together with other options will cause taler-config to return a status code of 1 (error).
Use the configuration file FILENAME.
-f | ––filename
Try to perform expansions as if the option values represent filenames (will also be applied even if the option is not really a filename).
-h | ––help
Print short help on options.
Use LOGLEVEL for logging. Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, and ERROR.
-l FILENAME | ––logfile=FILENAME
Send logging output to FILENAME.
-o OPTION | ––option=OPTION
Which configuration option should be accessed or edited. Required to set a value. If not given, all values of a given section will be printed in the format “OPTION = VALUE”.
-S | ––list-sections
List available configuration sections for use with --section.
-s SECTION | ––section=SECTION
Which configuration section should be accessed or edited. Required option.
-V VALUE | ––value=VALUE

Configuration value to store in the given section under the given option. Must only be given together with -s and -o options.

Changing the configuration file with -V will remove comments and may reorder sections and remove @INLINE@ directives.
-v | ––version
Print GNU Taler version number.
-W | ––rewrite
Consider differences to defaults only.

17.7.4. See Also

taler.conf(5), taler-config-generate(1)

17.7.5. Bugs

Report bugs by using https://bugs.taler.net or by sending electronic mail to <taler@gnu.org>.